AWS Managed Services (AMS) now supports SQL Server on EC2 Operations

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Daniel Dominguez
·Nov 3, 2022·

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AWS announces operations support for SQL Server on Amazon EC2 through AWS Managed Services (AMS) Operations on Demand (OOD). This new offering reduces the undifferentiated heavy lifting by offloading database operations such as patching and backup to highly skilled AMS resources. With this launch, customers can now bring their existing SQL Server licenses (BYOL) to EC2 and take advantage of AMS to operate more efficiently.

AWS Managed Services Operations on Demand gives customers access to a full range of operational capabilities, above and beyond the extensive scope provided by AMS Operations Plans. With features like cluster-aware patching, ransomware backup protection, monitoring, and incident resolution, this new catalog item helps customers improve resilience and security posture of their SQL Server workloads. In addition, customers can now focus on strategic initiatives and drive greater business value, while AMS provides critical operational capabilities needed to support business continuity.

SQL Server on EC2 Operations is available to AMS customers for an additional fee and is available in all regions where AMS is available.

For more information about AMS and this feature, visit the Operations on Demand catalog. To get started with SQL Server on EC2 Operations, contact AMS using this form or work directly with your account team.


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