Amazon Kinesis Data Streams adds capability to easily inspect data records in AWS Management Console

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Daniel Dominguez
·Oct 31, 2022·

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Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is a serverless streaming data service that makes it easy to capture, process, and store streaming data at massive scale. Data Viewer is a new capability for Amazon Kinesis Data Streams that allows viewing data records directly from AWS Management Console. As a result, you can easily inspect the data records without programming a dedicated consumer app just to view the data, quickly check the data structure of an unfamiliar stream, or query specific records for QA and troubleshooting.

To access Data Viewer, login to AWS Management Console for Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and navigate to detail page of your data stream. In the Data Viewer tab, you can select the shard, and then specify the starting position of the records that you want to view.

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Data Viewer is available in all AWS Regions. See the Developer Guide to learn more.


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